Today we wear our google gloves and go deep into researching some of the most common myths around the unity candle, its acceptance, and origin.

1-. Unity Candles can only be used for Catholic or Christian weddings.

Unity Candles have been around for the last 50 years or so but are widely used in Judaism, other religions and in inter-Faith ceremonies. And whilst mostly used in the united states, it has been seen on every continent of the world.

2-. Unity Candles have been banned in Catholic churches.

The US Bishops have talked about unity candles as "Additional Symbolic Rituals" along with the arras (unity coins), lazo (double looped rosary), veil, placing flowers before a statue of Mary, among other common wedding ceremonies. Even though these rites are not part of the wedding, they have not been banned or forbidden. Some churches might discourage you to do it or give you special instructions on how to perform the rite, and some others might "forget" to mention it but will support you if you request it. There is no evidence that the Vatican is banning Unity Candles either.

3-. Unity Candles are not in the bible, therefore, it is a pagan ritual.

There are plenty of things that are not on the bible and are accepted by the church, especially during the wedding ceremony which is full of Roman symbolism, and there are commonplace rituals that are considered paganism on the bible. For example, playing the lottery, visiting a casino and blowing a birthday candle are all related to the goddess of fortune in the bible and therefore not well seen by the church. If the Bishop accepts the Unity Candle and your parish supports it is not paganism. Just ask.

4-. Unity Candles were popularized by a General Hospital episode in 1981.

The beautiful 2-episode Luke and Laura wedding on General Hospital is a very detailed production and walks through a very lavish outdoor ceremony with vintage cars and decorations desired by every bride on the world but does not include mentions or shows Unity Candles. Please follow this link: General Hospital Wedding Scene to watch the wedding scene for yourself.

5-. Unity Candles were created by an American couple in 1969.

This might actually be true, Alan and Kathy Chattaway claim that during their Cana course in preparation for their wedding in 1969, they created a two tilted candle ritual where the two candles were rotated making the tops touch each other and become welded signifying the union. We will try to verify this information from this 45-year-old wed couple that might be the creators of a beautiful rite that goes beyond religion or belief and gave us the gift of solidifying our life's for each other.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to add your comments and other myths at the bottom.





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